• Programming of Life 2: Earth

    The highly anticipated follow-up to the original Programming of Life is here.

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  • DNA is a sophisticated software program

    Our genetic code is our software, and our cells are dynamically, constantly reading that genetic code.
    - Craig Venter

  • Junk DNA is
    a myth

    80% of the Human genome contains elements
    linked to biochemical functions.
    - National Human Genome Research Institute

  • Programming
    of Life

    Telly Award winner for
    educational programming.

Asking the Hard Questions
Programming of Life examines the heavyweight theory of evolution and asks the extremely difficult questions in order to reveal undirected natural process for what it is – a hindrance to science.


Exploring the facts
We’re setting the record straight and providing the facts so you can make your own educated decisions. The most important part of our education should be that we question even the things we think we know in order to be confident and steadfast in our decisions.


Encouraging Critical thinking
Rather than swallowing what we have been spoon fed throughout our lives, we encourage people to think more critically about our origins and to understand the misconceptions.